Thursday, April 06, 2006

Can't wait for summer!

Okay, Okay, You all know that I like to take the summer off to enjoy whatever may come. (For instance here I am at the Minneapolis Torchlight parade with Charline, Tucker and my sister Elizabeth) I love the sun, the warm weather, I like to sleep in, pudder in the garden and play with my kids. But two things have happened this year to make me rethink my leisurly plans.

First of all, my kids don't like to play with me that much any more. Go figure! Teenagers sleep a lot, go to camp a lot, and ride their bikes pretty much anywhere they want to go.

Second of all - I just can't stay away from the new currirulum from Kindermusik this year. I have been working on Family Time as a consultant and it is SO MUCH FUN that I just HAD to get it on the schedule and share it with you some how.
Many of you have told me June is full, full, full and although you would like to participate in the current camps you just can't fit it in. Well, this is a chance for you to do some Kindermusik less intensively and later in the summer. I am still waiting for the final okay from the buildings but here is what I am thinking,

Once a week for 5 weeks:
July 17 - August 14 at Hosanna! in Lakeville
July 18 - August 15 at Bridgewood in Savage

We will be offering FAMILY TIME, SIGN and SING, and PEEK A BOO! Just click each name to get a class description. Let me know if these dates are appealing to the end of your summer. Just drop me a line.

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