Friday, April 07, 2006

This beautiful girl is Olivia. Olivia has been a student at Kindermusik of the Valley since she was just a toddler. She is now enrolled in Young Child Level 4 - which is our "Graduate" class. Just look at the concentration, the perfect pincer grip finger position, - it would make Carl Orff himself proud (as am I).

If your child is in Village, Our Time, Imagine That, or Young Child level 2 - our hope is that you are all looking forward to the next adventure! Kindermusik is a 7 year continum. Staying on board makes the most of your investment and gives your family the maximum benefit from this unique learning environment.

In Village your child is finding music is a fun, comfortable, loving, cuddling, exciting kind of thing. Something that makes everyone around her happy! He is going to love Our Time, where he will observe older children and be challenged

In Our Time your child is playing instruments along to music in a steady beat, hearing contrasts in music and is able to match movements to the cues in the music, is starting to sing along, is sharing, taking turns, retrieving and returning instruments. She will love the independence, contributing ideas and using her voice in Imagine That!

In Imagine That your child's amazing creativity is put to work, he is sharing his ideas with the class, stretching his body and intellect by beginning ensemble play, acting in little dramas, singing full out, and noticing patterns and symbols, she is ready for deeper connections to the world in Kindermusik for the Young Child.

I can't put into words what it is like for me as an educator to watch a child grow, change and become over the course of years. From a timid toddler to an independent preschooler, to a school age child with wiggly teeth. I have been so blessed to hear thousands of children find their voices for singing, story telling, for creating and living large.

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