Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Learning behind the laughter

Yesterday in our morning Young Child 4 class my little friend Megan told me about some variations on the Itsby Bitsy Spider which include the HAPPY and the GRUMPY spider. The one we really liked was the HAPPY spider. It is the original version with laughter following each line. Well, the make up of children, the first beautiful day in spring and everyone's general good mood took our laughter to a higher place.

We, all 9 of us, laughed so hard that our cheeks were red and eyes full of tears, big, broad, bright, missing teeth smiles, full of heavy guffaws and waves of giggles. We sang and laughed so hard that our cheeks hurt.

Today my friend Molly posted a blog about laughter and learning, I love things like this. If you want to read it and see Molly surf over by clicking HERE

I am going to type a quote from her blog here in case you have no time to go visit Molly just now.

"Laughter increases white blood cell activity and changes the chemical balance of the blood. This is believed to boost the body's production of chmicals needed for alertness and memory. Laughter reduces stress, and low stress enhances the brain's receptivity to learning. According to researchers, laughing also boosts the body's immune system for THREE days - the day of the fun and the next two." Start Smart!: Building Brain Power in the Early Years by Pam Schiller

For more, check out this issue of Tune In on how music develops humor.

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