Sunday, April 23, 2006

There is A LOT going on at Kindermusik Camp!

Wondering what the real benefit from taking an Adventures class is for your child? Read on, you may be suprised to see all the work we are accomplishing within the creative, joyful, beautiful kindermusik classroom.
      • Children practice sharing and cooperation
      • Singing games teach social patterns in a positive way
      • Practice communicating effectively
      • Develop emotional intelligence by interacting with other children
      • Recognize and managment unique feelings developing empathy
      • Develop body control during movement activities - like balancing
      • Practice of fine motor skills in instrument play and art projects
      • Learning to solve problems constructively
      • Develop listening skills that focus attention
      • Invitations to be expressive, increasing creativity
      • Expand listening repertoire to lots of musical styles
      • Explore and play different instruments
      • Basic element of music - tempo, dynamics, tone, color, melody
      • Learn to value reading through story time
      • Enhanced language and speech skills through songs, chants and rhymes

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