Friday, April 21, 2006

Sign up for Kindermusik Adventures TODAY!

What do you have planned for your child's growth and development over the summer? Here are a few reasons NOT to let the summer pass without some Kndermusik.
  • All Kindermusik Adventures camps have original music that you will LOVE
  • Something new for 5-7 year olds - TELL ME A TALE! will introduceyour child to folk tales from far off lands, connecting them to theoral traditions and the world
  • Toddlers and Zoo animals are a natural match - ZOO TRAIN is a springboard for new vocabulary through song, movement and expereince
  • Pre school imagination will BURST while we are ON THE ROAD.
  • Just 5 classes will provide plenty of home extension activities and music to enjoy all summer long
  • Just 5 classes - invite a friend to join you, a perfect time to try Kindermusik with short time commitment
  • Just 5 classes can introduce your child to a new educator, leaving them more comfortable in their new classes this fall
There is still room for you to join our summer adventure! I can't wait to hear from you

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