Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sumer Is Icumen In

Oh, I just can't wait to learn how to put music to this blog. Then I could play the song which shares the title of this post. The learning curve seems steep on that one.

The reason to talk of summer already - even though the green grass still lay many inches below our latest snowfall - it surely is time to look into Kindermusik camp for this summer.

I have lots of fun new things in the works for the WHOLE month of June. Chose from 3 different weeks and locations. If you haven't tried a Kindermusik Adventures camp before do it this year. It is unique, new, musical, crafty, creative, story telling, sing songy. It will give your whole family something to play with ALL summer.

Click HERE
To hear a quick snip of Mrs. Murphy's Chowder from our new camp for kids 5 -7

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