Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Break

Today I am posting two pictures of my son Tucker. Partly because he has been sick ALL this week and so has been on my mind and heart more than usual. Also because this is a space for you to get to know me better and my kids are a big big part of me.

I entitled this post Spring Break thinking of last year when we spent part of March in Mexico. We took a wonderful side trip to an archiological find in KOBA. There is this huge monument to the sun there. It was also like a tropical jungle - about 100 degrees and humid. I am embarrassed to say when we came to the monument I was too hot and tired to climb it - (I also have a little fear of heights . . .) but Tucker scampered right up to the top, looked around and came down. I asked him if the view was amazing - he said it was pretty good but it wasn't about the view it was about personal accomplishment. Wow! Once in awhile your kids really let you know what they are about.

The other picture of Tucker is another little spring break trip. Ice fishing on Red Lake. I just wanted to show a sense of contrast in our lives. Now I like ice fishing as much as the next girl, but my boys (Trygve and Tucker - they LOVE it!) They spend as many days and nights out on the ice as they can.

Many of you have met Tucker because he helps out each year with our Kindermusik summer camps. I hoped you like the pictures and getting to know our Tucker a little better.

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