Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ludlows Island

This is a larger view of where we are spending the week. This beautiful place is called Ludlows Island. We are not on the Island but are facing it in a great cabin that is called North Side just across (to the north). The kids canoe back and forth from the lodge on the island and to the other cabins in the family. All together the Peterson clan is occupying 6 cabins so there is plenty of room to roam.

Today is rainy and cold, there is even a fire crackling in the fireplace here on the Northside. It has been a relaxing day of watching the Olympics, a little doodling on the computer (we oddly have wireless access - but no cell phone service) and general dozing. My sunburned shoulders appreciate the change in weather.

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Scott Cross said...

I feel like I went on vacation with you! Thanks for sharing.