Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This little car

This little car is going on a trip. Trip. Trip. Trip, trip, trip. A little game like this - turning your finger into a car and driving it down the road is an exciting time for the brain - as vision tracking is engaged, eye-hand coordination is enhanced and fine motor skills are being practiced. This simple game is a brain workout in disguise. It can be found in the AWAY WE GO Home activity guide.

We still have room for your child in OUR TIME classes - for kids 18 months - 3 years. Just call Helen for more information: 952-412-0265 or visit us online

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Yvette said...

Hi Helen, I love your thoughtful blog entries. I'm trying to give up complaining for lent!!

Also I've used this post on my blog today since it fits so well with points I am trying to get across in my community about "pre-school".

I like the cuppy cake video too. Way too cute!

I am missing Molly's we have to depend on each other!