Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Have you heard?

My sister Elizabeth told me about this movement - A Complaint Free World - it is a simple and sweet idea. I wear the purple bracelet, each time I complain I change the bracelet to the other hand. It is interesting, becoming aware of where complaints lie. Mine lie mostly with myself. One of the biggest complaints I have had lately is that I am not blogging. Like anything, we are creatures of habit.

I have been able to keep the bracelet on one hand for 3 hours - so far that is my record. The goal is for 21 days on the same side. A work in progress.

I am trying to transform my world by knocking off all the negative noise that keeps me from moving forward. Interested? Order some bracelets to share, there are lots of support products as well - bumper stickers, books and the like. The free e-newsletter is especially nice, free and easily disposed of or forwarded on.

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