Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I miss Molly

Molly taught me how to blog, is inspirationally creative, writes perfect words about kids and music, is an extraordinary web surfer, has a voice that is nice to hear. Where are you Molly?


janschluter said...

Dear Helen,
Just yesterday I emailed Merri to ask if she had heard from Molly. I am concerned about her, because she hasn't posted on her blog in so long. Let us know if you hear anything from her!
Jan Schluter in New Orleans

Kindermusik of the Valley said...

Hi Jan, I am sure she is just swamped like the rest of us this time of year.

See you in Chicago!?

janschluter said...

Yes, I'll be there with bells on!
Can't wait, Jan

Carolyn said...

I miss Molly too!

Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago NEXT year...

Carolyn in West Vancouver, BC

Molly McGinn said...

I just saw this!!!!

Awww, I am so touched, thank you Helen. I'm back in action, I tell ya.

And yes, I have been crazy busy, lately. Lots of great things happening with the band, and you know about everything else.

I am touched and inspired. Thank you.