Friday, May 25, 2007

Music Plays Here

I could not resist introducing you to a few of my favorite people from Kindermusik International! Take a look at this video to see how these smart, young, talented people enjoy their mission of sharing the miracle of music with children and families. Don't let all the fun fool you though, these guys work HARD on my, and your behalf. Can't you just feel the creativity?!? Who are you seeing? Well, among others - Dan Pratt, who is the ORIGINAL president and CEO of Kindermusik International - it actually IS his voice on Great Big House. Carol Penney - who is what every Kindermusik Educator wants to be when they grow up. Hannah Carter - works on the KI Curriculum design team and makes sense out of what I write for ABC Music and Me. Molly McGuinn, everyone's inspiration for blogs, flyers and other written information. Michael Dougherty - current President and CEO of Kindermusik - nice boogie woogie at the end, once again, don't be fooled, he is a brilliant business guy with a GIANT heart for children and what music can do for them.

Kindermusik International Headquarters, Greenboro, NC

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