Friday, April 13, 2007


The average toddler hears NO!!! or receives a stern look about every 9 minutes of their waking day. Those particular adult reactions to toddler behavior sends the toddler's hind brain into action. When this happens the prefrontal lobes, which hold reasoning, consequential thinking, and other important brain function are not getting sufficient blood to practice when this happens.

Here are some ideas that might come in handy if want to say no without saysing "NO"

Tell the child what TO do.
Get the child’s attention before communicating, touch them on the shoulder or hand...
Say the child’s name.
Use a gesture, move so you get into her visual field.
Show him an object or other visual cue to get him to look at you.
Help them know what TO do.
Using your singing voice calms you and the child.
Use a prompt, hand him a tissue instead of saying “Don’t wipe your nose on your sleeve.”
Use a gesture. Gestures can guide her to appropriate behavior. Point to the coat hookinstead of “Don’t drop your coat on the floor.”
Model what you want
Offer “Let’s do it together.” That can encourage children to do things with more enthusiasm.
Say “Oh, oh” “Oops!” “Look!” Then point to what needs to be done.
Take a deep breath..... and exhale.

Click HERE for another great and more indepth list of how to say no - positively

Thanks to Kindermusik educators Yvette in Holland MI and Mollie in Greenville SC for these great tips.

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