Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Its Elizabeth's Birthday week

Clearly, I don't have enough pictures of my sister Elizabeth. Although I was blaming the tardyness of this happy birthday on the renovations that have taken over the house, I just can't find the "right" picture was my mantra. Finally, I found the photo albums, and alas - there are too few pictures of Elizabeth at my house.

Still, I love this picture! Elizabeth, remember this - our first trip to Nebraska. A hot week on the prairie, lazy days on the beach covered with small and fragile sun flowers - so quiet warm and windy. There have been many trips to the ranch since this picture was taken in 1993 (?) Judging by the color of my hair - and our size.

It is a treat and an adventure to be your sister - It was you who introduced me to peaches and cream, Bob Marley, Eva Cassidy a Nod to Bob - which even I love. You drove me to piano lessons with Mr. Belman every week, you helped me move and move and move. Just watching you live is an inspiration. You are beautiful, your heart, your home, your children, your way.

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