Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Today is my big sister's birthday. Jenny and I were close in age and size (me being somewhat chunky and she being thin and willowy) we shared much. Toys, clothes, a room, (along with our little sister), a car (for a brief time) books and stories. Memories are so sweet, we lazed away the 1960s and early 70s in the yard, a tractor tire sand box, a tire swing, infinate numbers of acorns and choke cherries collected and squished and made into so many mud pies. Big piles of dirt for no apparent reason in an empty lot next door, a wooden teeter totter (where Jenny suffered a compound fracture of her arm when she was just tiny).

What I have always loved about Jenny and me is is our nick names - I am not sure where they came from but her name is Jenny Wren and mine is Henny Penny. These names can still be heard in our family like this, "Hey, the Wrens here!" or "Where's Hen?"

In honor of Jenny's birthday I did some looking into the name Jenny Wren. Here is what I found:

Paul McCartney Singing Jenny Wren

Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme
Great Stationary

Happy Birthday Jenny Wren, I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,

I loved reading your birthday post to your sister. I had a childhood friend whose name really was Jenny Wren. We have lost touch over the years. Thank you for the smile today.


Anonymous said...

I loved it, to Helen. What a sweet song.

I heart Paul McCartney.

Merri said...

I loved reading about your sister, Helen. What beautiful memories you have of each other. My oldest sister passed away 7 years ago yesterday and I miss her more every year. My other sister's birthday will be coming up soon and you've given me some great ideas, Helen!

And what a perfect song for your sister! Paul McCartney only gets better and better. I still love him after all these years. (40+) Thanks for sharing!

Pete Hansen said...

Hi Hen, Amazing!! The memories and enjoyment that flooded me when Mom and I read your note to Jen.
Love Dad..