Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day of School

The first day of school is the first day of school. Whether preschool, Kindegarten, elementary or college.

This is the first time my kids just couldn't get their schedules together for their traditional first day of school picture by the pine tree. (ouch, my heart.) Lorelei was off to school at 5:45! - for an early rehearsal with the drum line. Tucker's bus comes at 8:04 - he was not about to get up more than 2 hours early (who can blame him, I hardly made it in time for a good bye

So here they are, separate, but connected, grown, but children, independent, but ours.
The evening of the 2nd day of school.

Lorelei studying (world history, biology and english). Tucker practicing the bass with his new extreme sports helmet - just incase the urge to skateboard hits without warning.

The first day of school - the second day of school - and so we all take another step into the future.

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