Friday, August 25, 2006

Music is from everywhere

Let's go around the world, and back in time through centuries past to find all the music you'll hear in Kindermusik this semester. Take a look.

In Village
Zoom Buggy - May There Always Be Sunshine (Russia) Zum Gali Gali (Israel), The Keel Row (Northumberland), Suliram (Indonesia), Les raftsmen (Canada), Canoe Song (Native Americanish) and Polovtsian Dance (Poland).

In Our Time
Milk & Cookies - Barn Sull (Scandanavia), Duermete, mi nino (Latin America), Fais do-do (France), The Muffin Man (England), Shakin’ Shakin’ (Apalacia), Savez vous plantez les choux (France), and Shake Hands (African-American).

Imagine That!
Hello Weather, Let's Play Together - Sally Go ‘Round the Sun (North America), Morning Sun Has Risen (Israel), The Mulberry Bush (England), Japanese Rain Song (Japan), Uskudar (Turkey), Weggis Song (Switzerland), Funiculi Funicula (Italy), Lirum Larum (Germany), Siyahamba (Zulu), and Rain or Shine (Texas).

Young Child
Rig a jig jig (England) Tideo, Old Lady No Nose, (Appalacia) The Magic Flue (Germany) The Nut Cracker Suite (Russia) Ho Ho Wantany, (Native American) Good News (African American

Family Time
Here, There, Everywhere--My Kite (England), Sulla Lulla (Norway), Alle Meine Entlein (Germany), Sma Grodorna (Sweden), Shoo Fly (America), Water Come a Me Eye (Jamaica), Whisky Frisky (African-American), San Sereni (Puerto Rico), Zum Gali Gali (Israel) and Cantonese Lullaby (China).

via The Little Brown Music Studio

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