Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet My New Assistant

Meet my new office assitant and darling daughter Lorelei Peterson. Lorelei is 15, a Kindermusik graduate, accomplished pianist and percussionist. She also possesses some amazing organizational skills - which she did not necessarily acquire from her parents and some great communications skills - which she may have acquired from her parents - in both cases we are so proud.

I am so happy that instead of getting a summer job around greasy fast food or fertilizer at the local nursery she wanted to get a job in an office. We decided together this was the perfect place to hone those skills.

So if you call Kindermusik of the Valley this summer, rest assured you are in good hands with Lorelei. Count on her to give you the information you need or get me the message.

By the way - Lorelei is also learning how to drive this summer and will be starting High School in the fall. It seems just a season ago, that together we were welcoming children and their parents into our own family room for Kindermusik classes - but it wasn't a season ago, it was 1991. tick, tock, tick tock.

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