Monday, May 08, 2006

Listen to Learn

This is my friend Leif. I have know him since he was a new born baby. Leif and I learn the same way. We are both listeners. What kind of a learner a child is, is often easy to discern. In Kindermusik we enjoy Active Listening. (this is opposed to passive listening or "hearing" - as in background sound) - Active Listening is intentional, it is engaging, it asks the listener to take the auditory sound and recall a picture or experience from their past. Some children like Leif - embrace the active listening. Just look how his hand is poised, helping the ear to hear better, his eyes are expectant - having engaged the memory seeking brain.

Some children are visual learners, they will get more information from looking at a good photograph of a boat or train than hearing one - A kinestetic learner will like to hold something in their hand while being asked to listen or watch - both senses will work better if they do.

How I love to catch the child being so truely themselves. How I love to notice what they need and provide it. Then watch the eyes sparkle and the mouth turn up in the smile of knowing, of succeeding, of pride.

(Many thank to Gil Martinez for catching this image of Leif - see more of his beautiful work by clicking HERE)

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