Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Day Off School

First of all - enlarge the picture to the right, it is one of the most beautiful water colors I have seen. It made me want to look at it all day. It is called Day Off School and is by Douglas Hunt. The reason I found it is because for the last two days Lorelei came home from school and said, "Hi Mom, how was your day off?" I don't know where she got the idea.

True, I have not been in the classroom for the last two days of this week, but, oh, I have been working . . . I am excitedly learning about Tell Me A Tale, which is just hot off the presses and very impressive. I am spreading the word about Family Time - because that is really just the best thing ever. I am writing, phoning, mailing, communicating - oh yes, and blogging.

So if you wanted to call, with some questions about summer or fall classes call me, I am not taking the day off but am standing by. Missing you all and looking forward to the start of Adventures Camp!

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