Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Happy Day! Wonderful, Amazing, Talented, Beautiful, World Class Musicians! These children are Kindermusik of the Valley's "Yellow Folder" classes. (Also known as Level 4). The paparazzi were flashing many cameras which is why we are all looking in different directions. Still, you are looking at some amazing people here. There medals and diplomas acknowledge many many weeks of attending Kindermusik classes and making music with their friends.

Some of these children have been attending Kindermusik classes for all 6 or 7 of their years. (That is more than 100 Kindermusik classes!!) I will miss making music with these fine musicians. I am sure we will be hearing great things about them in the coming years. I have visions of band and choir concerts, piano recitals, Chess championships, Math and Quiz Bowls of all sorts. Short stories written and published, spelling bees and more. There is no telling where they will go!

It has been an honor and a true delight each moment I have spent with these remarkable friends.

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