Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter

I have spent the better part of the last three days with no voice at all. Not even a whisper. I thought this condition would leave me ultra productive, getting lots of things done on my website, catching up on office work, doing tons of laundry. Unfortunately I found I was not only without voice but without energy.

I have learned I have one of those temperaments where my energy swirls when around people, activity and sound. When I am alone and quiet, not so much can get done. On a normal day when my energy is flagging, I pick up the phone, have a conversation and become refreshed for more work. With no hope for conversation via phone or neighbor I got nothing accomplished.

I guess it could also have been that I have just been feeling kind of miserable as well. Today - I have a husky voice that is fun to have, like playing cards on bicylce wheel spokes, or a bad muffler for one day it is fun. And voila' I am cleaning house, making apple pie, going shopping. It is as if my mouth is actually connected to my feet some how.

I so happy to get my voice back for Easter for I will need to sing, sing, sing, sing and celebrate our risen Lord of Love.

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